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Durham Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Assists Injured Employees

North Carolina litigator obtains payment for medical costs and lost wages

Workplace injuries can put enormous financial pressure on victims and their family members. To help address these situations, the workers’ compensation system allows people who are hurt on the job to obtain reimbursement for medical costs, lost wages, and rehabilitation expenses while they are unable to work. Unfortunately, companies and their insurers often make it difficult for injured workers to secure the benefits they are entitled to, so qualified legal assistance is necessary. At Mark H. Woltz, Attorney At Law in Durham, I represent clients suffering from work-related injuries and illnesses by handling communications with employers and appearing at proceedings before the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC). By presenting a clear, effective argument on your behalf, my firm can increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Thorough benefits attorney delivers comprehensive counsel

When you’ve been hurt in the workplace, it can be very difficult to enforce your rights without an experienced lawyer by your side. I have practiced in North Carolina for more than two decades and am board certified as a workers’ compensation attorney. I provide authoritative advice on all workers’ compensation matters:

  • Reporting — You should inform a manager or company owner as soon as possible when you’ve suffered a work-related illness or injury. But you must notify your employer in writing within 30 days of the incident or discovery of a job-related medical condition that you have been injured or made ill during the course of your work.
  • Lost wages — Claimants are entitled to reimbursement for lost wages for the period when they miss work due to a job-related injury or illness. The rate is set at two-thirds of the worker’s weekly wage up to a legal maximum that changes each year. For 2017, the maximum weekly payment is $978.
  • Medical and factual evidence — Businesses often allege that an injury didn’t occur at the workplace or that it was the result of activity that wasn’t job related. In other instances they might charge that the medical condition is not real or that you have not followed your doctor’s orders. I will find the relevant evidence and assert your rights vigorously.
  • Appeals — If you are denied benefits by your employer or their insurance company, I can explain the appeals process and press for an appropriate reversal through the NCIC.

I strive to maximize compensation for injured workers, whether payment is made periodically or through a lump-sum settlement. Whatever type of illness or injury you have, hesitating can lower, or even eliminate, your eventual compensation. I do not collect legal fees until you are paid, so you risk nothing in seeking my help.

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Mark H. Woltz, Attorney At Law represents injured North Carolina clients in workers’ compensation initial claims and appeals. My firm serves people in Durham, Person, Granville and Vance counties. Please call 919-864-2489 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my Durham office.