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North Carolina Advocate Assists with Permanent Disability Claims

Durham lawyer helps clients collect the benefits they deserve

Once a disabled person reaches the point of maximum medical improvement — when no further treatment will improve the person’s condition — a determination is made regarding the permanent effects of their injury or illness. From there, they can apply for partial or total disability payments based on the level of their impairment. At my Durham law firm, Mark H. Woltz, Attorney At Law, I know how important these decisions are in the lives of injury victims and their families. As a board-certified workers’ compensation attorney, I have the skill, experience and resources to develop a claim that accurately reflects your medical condition. From there, I work tirelessly to achieve a result that provides the financial support you deserve based on your impairment.

Proven attorney builds strong cases for people with serious conditions

Establishing a permanent disability is a serious matter, requiring skilled counsel. In a free initial consultation, I can advise you on each aspect of your claim by explaining the essential elements:

  • Impairment rating — Upon attaining maximum medical improvement, a doctor assesses your condition and assigns a percentage that reflects the level of your impairment. If you disagree with the initial evaluation provided by the employer’s chosen doctor, I will help you find a physician to provide a suitable second opinion.
  • Permanent partial disability — People are eligible for this type of disability if they have a permanent medical condition that limits their ability to work but still allows them to perform some job functions. This can cover impairments such as limited use of a limb or a back problem that prevents heavy lifting. For each specific condition, the rating percentage is multiplied by the total workers’ compensation lost wage benefit and that amount is paid for the number of weeks mandated by the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC) for that impairment.
  • Permanent total disability — If a doctor determines that you are unable to work for the rest of your life, you continue to receive the weekly wage payments at the temporary total disability rate (two-thirds of your wages up to a statutory minimum). These benefits are restricted to extremely serious afflictions, such as severe brain damage or the loss of a body part. If you cannot return to gainful employment, my firm will gather the necessary evidence and develop a thorough argument on your behalf.

I am equally adept at litigating these matters through the NCIC or reaching lump-sum settlements with insurers. And I work on a contingency basis, so you only pay attorney’s fees after you obtain an award or settlement.

Contact a North Carolina lawyer for a free consultation on a permanent disability claim

Mark H. Woltz, Attorney At Law represents clients in Durham, Person, Granville and Vance counties who are seeking permanent disability benefits. Please call 919-864-2489 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my Durham office.